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Possible Anti-SPAM Measures?


I'm not a developer and all I know about PHP is that it's a palindrome, so there's little chance I can stuff up the spelling! What I do know is that I get plenty of marketing-related SPAM entering my ticket queue. Keeping things clean with rules and an expanding email banlist is cumbersome and an admin overhead that I just don't have time for. 

I was wondering if it is possible to develop an Akismet plug-in ( or similar. Alternatively a plug-in that can reference a global and constantly updated SPAM list, that can act as a kind of active/dynamic banlist?


  • edited June 2014
    Is it feasible to force users to create an account to open a ticket or restrict your osTicket system to just your LAN? Have you enabled the CAPTCHA option on new tickets? (Yes, CAPTCHA can now be undermined, but it does help eliminate a bulk of the bogus tickets).

    I understand the need for the anti-spam plug similar to the plugin for Wordpress, just trying to help eliminate the immediate...
  • @Nettric Thanks for the suggestion. My system is on a LAN and not open to the 'public'. All tickets are created via manual staff entries or incoming emails. I would like to filter the emails for SPAM on a local level rather than domain level, because there is little control at the domain level via my ISP control panel/dashboard. I have tried the latter and have missed some important mails in various departments as a result.
  • I would recommend that you setup something like SpamAssassin (software) or purchase a hardware solution (like the BArracuda Spam Firewall), however both of these are sort of beyond the scope of these forums. :)
  • Thanks, will do some investigation in due course. 
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