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Database from 1.6ST migrate to 1.9

i got a sqldump from my database used by osticket 1.6ST version but i delete the whole system and this morning i installed the 1.9 version, do you know if its possible to use the old database with the new version 1.9?


  • I don't think you can since the old database more than likely would have a different structure than v1.9

    The conversion should be able to make these database adjustments as needed.
  • You can in fact use the 1.6 database.
    the 1.9 version should upgrade it for you.  I would save the back up though just incase you run into issues with the upgrade. You would simply need to change the ost-config.php file to point to the old database (and username/password), and then log into the staff side.  It should prompt you to upgrade.
  • Hi Ntozier:
    i tried to update from 1.6ST to 1.9.1 several times, clean installations with my db and always get the error:
    If i install 1.6ST with a clean database and the upgrade to 1.9.1 i got no problems.
    Also i have zero attachments in folders.
  • also i tried this:
    I found this in another thread:
    1.6ST (Current Version) => 1.7.0 => 1.7.7 => =>

    but the same error appears when i upgrade to 1.7.0
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