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problem sending mail to add new staff welcome

trying to add a new data entry personnel (those that appear in the image attached) and leave the option checked that says "Welcome Email" where according to aid description, this is welcome email includes a link to to access your account and change the password, but do not send. I have already indicated different email addresses like hotmail, outlook, etc.. but does not reach me. No need to have any option if not found or seen include a plugin for this as I am quite sure that the email settings right, and that in making the test mailing these costs if they leave.


  • No image attached.
  • oh sorry, yhis is the image.
  • I am unable to replicate your report.  I have attempted twice once on 1.9.0.x and once on 1.9.1.  Both result in me getting an email to the gmail account email that I setup for the staff to test this with.
  • I see, I have not been able to fix this so that what comes to mind esque vercion it fetches the page I possibly have a erro, well not often you actualizen the download link on the page. so, will try to download and install again to test this. as a last resort, in the name of the file will know where is the source code that handles sending mail to staff members to register them?
  • the end can already solve the problem, and was only assign a properly configured mail account, which is used (as I have understood) to use and send data access for users that fence adding staff. in this part of the image that is red with the assignment is made.
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