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[resolved] Help needed to install OSTicket using WAMP server

hello everyone,

I recently downloaded the latest release of OSTicket to deploy through WAMP server. I checked everything was okay with WAMP server first-- there was a password for everything, correct logins, etc. I filled out the information through the setup page. After I entered the information and hit submit, I received the "please wait, we are doing stuff" only to have the page become blank with nothing. I hit the refresh button (which was probably a bad idea) and it told me there was already a database prefix in use. Does this mean it already processed and I need to figure out how to display the page properly? Thanks.


  • You really have not provided us with enough information to assist you.  Please help us to help you by reading and following this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  Thank you.

    I do have some additional questions though:
    Have you consulted your PHP error logs to see if any errors are being logged?
    What version of PHP are you running?
    Have you looked in MySQL error logs to see if any errors are being logged?
    Have you looked in MySQL to see if the database is setup?
  • Here's what I'm using:

    Apache Version :
    PHP Version :
    MySQL Version :

    In MySQL, I already created a database. There are error logs for MySQL and Apache, but not for PHP. I was able to log into PHP MyAdmin without any issues and there were no errors displayed. I am using WAMP for a Windows 7 OS. What's specifically causing the problem is the setup-- when I click on submit, it says it's doing something but nothing happens. Is there something else I should be checking? When I checked the localhost page, there wasn't anything on it indicating a missing item or an error.

  • I am also using OS Ticket 1.9.1
  • Then it sounds like you will need to either enable logging for PHP or turn onscreen error display on. Direction on how to do that are here:
  • Thanks. I'll follow through with this and give you an update. I had attempted to see if the php needed changing, but the only item I was able to find on the site told me to go into the main php file and change code. I had checked that, and the code wasn't there.
  • It was in the main.php but it was moved in 1.8 iirc.
  • Here is the error:

    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp\www\osTicket-v1.9.1\upload\include\mysqli.php on line 157
  • It seems like you will need to change your php configuration by editing your php.ini.  The default in PHP is 30s, and for some reason your server is taking longer than that.
    Try changing it to:
    max_execution_time = 300

    Then restart Apache, and try again.
  • Is this on the mysql file?
  • Sorry, I got the php file confused with another one. I changed the execution time, and resubmitted the form. The page went blank again and didn't show any errors, in spite of it displaying them last time.
  • Did you restart Apache before submitting the form?
    Check your php error log, check your mysql error log.
    There is an error some where.
  • I had to completely stop Apache, and then start/resume services it instead of hitting restart. It worked and I was able to log in! Thank you for your assistance and patience :)
  • Very welcome.  I'll mark this as resolved, and close the thread.

    If you have another question please feel free to start a new thread.

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