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Very slow performance

Hi All,

For the past quite some days osTicket installed in my environment is running very slow.

Complete details is as follows -

Issue -

1) Opening a ticket takes 23 secs.
2) Editing a ticket takes up to 40 secs.
3) On click of Closed tickets, page is displayed in around 30 secs
4) mysqld.exe process is taking up lot of CPU (mostly 100%)

System specs -

·         Virtual server

·         Windows server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2

·         Intel Xeon 2 CPU @ 2.20 GHz

·         7.00 GB of RAM

·         DB and Apache on same server

·         Disk has 10% free space

·         MySQL version - 5.6.11

·         Web server - Apache/2.2.22 (Win32) PHP/5.3.28

·         OsTicket version - 1.7


Observations -
1) ost_file_chunk table size is 12.1 GB

2) Ticket count -
Open - 99
Overdue 32
Closed 113,141

3) OsTicket User count - 26

Action taken -
1) Ran MySQL tuner and implemented whatever was suggested
2) Tried to repair ost_file_chunk table but it failed midway and crashed. Had to run quick recovery mode to get it back.

Need some suggestions to improve the performance.

Thanks in advance for your help.




  • Did you solve this already?
  • Unfortunately no :(. Not sure if upgrading the version would be of any difference. Or maybe adding up a CPU might solve the issue.

  • Upgraded to, implemented file system attachment plugin and deleted chunk folder from DB. After that application performance was improved.
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