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Updating from 1.6ST to newer versions

I have version 1.6ST, and was trying to update to the newer 1.9.1. Through some trial, error, and searching here I found the best way is to go through 1.7 first. However, when I ran the update to 1.7 I ran into some troubles. It seemed to do everything, but had one error of "Table 'osticket.ost_kb_premade' doesn't exist. It also didn't migrate any of my files, and also wouldn't allow anyone (including admin) to log in. I then attempted to roll it back, and now have the interface back and people can log in, but I get the unhelpful error of "The script is version 1.6 ST while the database is version" with no version.
What on earth have I done, and how can it be reversed?


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