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Generate Subject and Issue Details from custom fields

Would be nice if you could template a subject and issue details based on what is filled into the custom fields that are setup. For example most the information I require for certain tickets are all typed in the custom fields and it is somewhat redundant to fill out a subject and issue details so having the subject get generated from the fields, for example "Subject: %customfield1% some static text %customfield2%" So i guess it would need to generate this info and place it into the subject field as you are tabbing through the custom fields. This would still allow the user to override any automatically generated text once they get to the issue subject/details fields.


  • This has been mentioned before.
  • Seconded. If I have someone submitting a new user request, I'd like to have the subject say "New User Joe Blow 2014-06-09". I have tried to train all my users, but alas. At least its trimmed into its own section by help topics.
  • +1
    ... Since I also suggested this some time ago. Nice to see others requesting/suggesting the same things :D
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