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Accessing OsTicket form a URL not using API

I am trying setup a URl so that my clients can create a support ticket. I have oped up a port on my domain. but i am still unable to get to the create new tick page that I see inside my domain.


  • Your options for clients opening a ticket are as follows:

    1. setup email.
    2. use the client side ui
    3. user the api and a custom form.
  • Im trying to make the Client Side UI  Public. or access able form out side my domain. Right now it is Local or only access able form inside my domain.
  • Sounds like you need to do one of more of the following:
    • setup dns for your site (with a real world IP or real world to NAT translation)
    • configure your webserver software to allow outside access
    • configure your firewall to allow outside access

    This really doesn't have much to do with osTicket, and more to do with your system administrator or web host.

  • ok you cane close dissension

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