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Hebrew text support

Hi all
When i open ticket and write in hebrew in it, the text is not aligned right after the ticket is saved, both inside the ticket system interface, and more important in mails sent to staff and users.
writing in hebrew is crucial to us, and getting the hebrew text aligned to the right is very important. (RTL language)

any suggustions on how to solve this?


  • I'd report it on github, with entry screen shot, and display screen shots.
  • Hi @ntozier

    anything new on that subject?
    we're still using ost 1.9.1

  • Guess not, since ntozier suggested, that you should report it @ Github, so in case you did nothing since you thought ntozier would do that for you, nothing happened yet.
  • so why not transfer all this forum to Github community mr. @chefkeks ??

  • Since I have no experience with the issue of "hebrew text support" I would suggest you to create the issue in github yourself.

    But maybe @ntozier can point the osTicket devs to this thread, so that hebrew text support can be added to the existing osTicket translation project and issue with it can be fixed.
  • @noamy - Right to left language support is part of our multilingual effort, currently underway. The translation effort is broken into three phases to ease the process of porting osTicket to other languages.  To help with the translation and make sure Hebrew is part of the upcoming release join the project at
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