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Italian language support

I'm trying to install the Italian language pack but nothing inside the user interface is translated. 
here my steps: 
1 downloading the language pack
2 coping it inside the include/i18n folder 
3 choosing the italian language in my preferences form

But nothing happened, no elements or labels of the user interface is translated.
Any Help is appreciated. 

thanks a lot,


  • For me language pack also didn't work when I put it in /i18n AFTER instalation.
    I just start using osticket, so I simply reinstall it with language pack added before installation.
  • same problem here... i c that the italian pack is less than 10% translated... so italian pack is like english pack
  • Language packs are not ready for use yet.  Translation implementation is currently in Phase 2 (of 3 iirc). This has been covered on the forums more times than I can remember.  It's also been posted about in the announcements of the translation feature, and in new version posts. 
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