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repeated Ticket Thread (4)

Dear :

when user send sytem a request by email.the ticket will create the ticket thread periodly,is it a bug of system?


06/13/2014 8:52 am Mobile phone setting  question 

Just to test

06/13/2014 8:52 am   question 
Just to test
06/13/2014 8:53 am   question 
Just to test

06/13/2014 9:03 pm   question 


  • I have no idea what you are trying to ask.  If a user sends an email it should open a ticket.  If a user replies to a system email it should update the existing ticket.
  • @ntozier
    If I get that right, the user opens a ticket via email with the issue summary "Mobile phone setting question" and issue details "Just to test" and for some reasons these issue details are repeatedly entered, so it shows up multiple times.

    Maybe a caching problem? Right now I can't imagine what could else may cause this issue.
  • the issue please check the picture below:

  • My guess is that your not doing anything with the emails after a ticket is created... and that for some reason it's seeing the email in the bix checking it, recognizing that the email belongs to the thread and then updates the ticket.

    My recommendation is that you should do something with emails.
    Admin panel -> Emails -> your email
    scroll down to Fetched Emails and either select "Move to Folder" and specify a folder, or select "Delete Emails".
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