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Is the website going to fade into oblivion?

After I posted a few months ago (or maybe it was a year ago) about how hard to read the text was all over this site, I came here today to download the 1.9.1. update, and was amazed to see that the site is now even more faded into invisibility than before! What the hell have you done to it? The menu at the top of the page is atrocious, your grey 'login' (which should be two words...) button with white text and a strange green power 'ring', and the FONT you've used throughout the site... the bit of text that says "This page has been accessed 5,453 times." is almost invisible - just do that to the rest of the text on the page and it will be completely inaccessible!
Can we PLEASE stop this 'grey text on white backgrounds' nonsense? Just because everybody else is doing it, doesn't mean it's right.


  • You posted between March 18th and March 24th, 2014.  Here is a link to the thread:

    At that time I told you that I would no longer be responding to your posts on the forums.  I am making an exception because I am going to close this duplicate thread, and feel that it would be rude for me to just close it with out commenting as to why. I invite all forum visitors who wish to participate in this conversation to read and post on the original.  Have a good day.
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