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[resolved] Edit user shows multiple Contact Information

Not sure if i did something or if this a bug...when i try to edit a user i get Contact Information: twice.  See attached for screenshot.


  • no screen shot attached
  • Here is what it looks like when you edit forms
  • I am unable to replicate this behavior.
    Please post the contents of the Admin panel -> Dashboard -> Information to this thread.
  • I've pointed out this thread to the devs so that they can take a look at this. 

    You're running much newer versions of PHP and MySQL than I am, but dont think that really huge.  Are you seeing anything wonky in the PHP or Apache error logs?
  • Do you also see the form twice under "Admin Panel -> Manage -> Forms" and is it just with existing users or also on newly created users?

    Btw is it a fresh install or did you upgrade from an older version (and in case then let us know from which version)?

  • not seeing anything in the logs..."Admin Panel -> Manage -> Forms" looks fine...this is with all users.  Yes this was an upgrade from 1.8 (i believe)...Just in the mist of playing with this so as long as this is not a bug then i will just backup my current data/configs and just reinstall.
  • Did clean install and all is good now. I must have done something or when I did the upgrade path.
  • So your all set and I should close this?
  • That is fine with me...thanks
  • Okay, will do.  Thanks for posting your solution here by the way.  I like when people do that because it means if someone else has the same question that they may be able to find the answer. easier. :)
This discussion has been closed.