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[resolved] AD confiig

Sooo. Got a new server in today to replace my physical Domain Controller for my VM hosts and after decommissioning the old Domain Controller realized I only had AD authentication enabled and osTicket was configured to look at that DC only for AD authentication Now, no one can log in since the LDAP/AD plugin's settings were pointing to the old DC...

Which brings me to the question: where does the LDAP/AD plugin store settings? I've looked through the MySQL tables and have not had any luck. I also tried manually adding an admin user to the staff table also with no luck. If anyone could point me to the table that holds the LDAP/AD Plugin configuration info it would be greatly appreciated...(bad admin; lessons learned)

Feel free to simply PM me if it's in a location that shouldn't be advertised to the world.

OsTicket 1.9.1
MySQL 5.6.19


  • You can preferably change the DC in the plugin config inside osticket UI (Admin Panel -> Manage -> Plugins -> Ldap Plugin)

    In the database the plugin stores its config in the table ost_config, just to add that information / answer your question.

  • Many thanks, Michael!

    With only AD authentication enabled, I wasn't able to log into the UI at all since we have no local admin accounts. I did eventually find the AD server setting in the _config table...just didn't scroll down far enough.

    Lesson learned. Again, many thanks for the assistance.

  • So it sounds like your all set now.  Should I mark this resolved and close it?
  • Yes, please close discussion.
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