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staff reply to email notifications


We are using osticket for our support system for several month, and it is really great !
I have a question about what is expected when staff replies to an email notification (of ticket creation, or client reply). We noticed than is some cases, the staff reply was added as an internal note to the ticket, and sometimes a new ticket was created for the staff email. Is this an known behavior, a configuration problem on our server ?
It would be very convenient if staff replies could turned into public reply to the ticket !
(we are using osTicket v1.9.1)

Thanks in advance


  • The staff response should be added as an internal note at this time.
    IF it is not (and I have seen cases where it is not, such as when I reply on my Android device - it creates a new ticket) its because the email client is apparently not keeping the internal email message-id and using it correctly.
  • Hi, Thanks for you fabulous job. Is possible to answer a ticket directly from the mail client? If not - how I can make a feature request? Thanks you.
  • There is no way to change the behavior of it being posted as an internal note at this time, although I sure wish that there was.  The best way would be to post un the suggestions and feedback section of the forums about it, and/or open an issue at github about it.
  • With regards to email replies it would be great if files attached to a users response via email piping can also be attached to the new message notification to staff. At the moment the message is received referring to the attached documentation but the only way of seeing the document is accessing the server.

    Wonderful program!
  • @diongouws I feel that's slightly off topic for this thread, but is a good suggestion none the less.
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