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[resolved] Unable to connect to MySQL server. No such file or directory

When I use the install option under the database settings when I click install now it gives me the error shown as the discussion title.


I've checked the information for the database username and password and these are correct. 


  • Did you create the database and grant privs to the user?
  • The database was created in my control panel I gave the database a username and password.  It doesn't have any area to set privs on the control panel.  Can this be done in phpadmin? 
  • Plus there are no tables etc in the database.  Are they created at install?
  • Q: Can this be done in phpadmin? 
    A: Yes
    phpmyadmin Grant user privileges grant user privileges to database

    Q: Are they created at install?
    A: Yes.
  • Hi just coming back to you with this, there was corruption in the installation, it has now been reinstalled and all is tickety-boo!!



  • Very welcome. :)  Glad that you got things sorted out.  I'm going to close and mark this as resovled. Please feel free to start a new thread if you have another comment, question, concern, query, wonder.
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