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Transfer old tickets to osTicket

Hi there,
I want to learn something. However, before asking my question, let me explain what I want to learn briefly. I have two server old and new. In old server ı use mysql to reach database, but phpmyadmin is used in newserver and ı can see all datas easly. In old server, ı used another ticket system, and ı have lots of tickets. Some of them are still open. Thus, I have to transfer all old tickets to osTicket. Is it possible to da that. If the answer is yes, how to transfer old tickets to osTicket?

Thank You
Have a great day


  • Possible?  Yes.  Easy? Not really.

    You would have to either write a script to query the old database and import the data into the new one, or export the old one and manually import the data after changing the table structure.  Both require that you learn the database structure of osTicket.
  • Ok thank you, ı am trying to do like that. However, it is really confusing. 

    Thank you for reply
    Have a great day
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