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[resolved] Upgrade to 1.9: Same table prefix exists error

We have a problem - another installation with same table prefix exists!

Trying to run upgrade script and it won't over write the current "ost_" tables and wants me to create a new prefix. I ran the installation as a test before with no problems. When I duplicated the production server tables to the dev server and then ran the upgrade again, it warned me about this.

Am I missing the point? I want the old data in the upgrade.


  • Q: Am I missing the point?
    A: Yes.

    After you have upgraded the code base, restore your ost-config.php to your include folder and run the upgrader.  You are currently running the installer.

  • Sorry for the duplicate post. I thought I meant to delete this one.

  • Thanks, that was the issue.
  • Awesome, glad that you got that resolved.  (and don't worry about the dupe, I see that sort of thing daily.)
    I'm going to mark this resolved and close the thread, but please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question, comment, etc.
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