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Ticket Activity date not matching ticket creation date

Just got our ticket system up and was our first ticket and when you look at the ticket its clear it was created today 6/17/2014 at 11:55am (this is correct) but when you look at the dashboard the Ticket Activity shows ticket was opened on I reading the chart wrong?



  • also while looking at the statistics by Topics every topic has one opened, assigned, overdue, closed, reopened.  Why is that?
  • The forums are your friend.  Searching for this type of thing would reveal that:
    A. the dashboard only shows yesterday and back.
    B. the dashboard improperly shows 1's instead of 0's.
    C. that the Dashboard is on the chopping block for a make over and has been for a while. (but is not a high priority)
  • ok...thanks...did try to search first must have missed it.
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