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Sorting Not working (1.9.1)

If I am sitting in the ticket view the Sorts are not working correctly.

Sorting By Ticket # I get results like this Top to bottom -> 99 down to 42 And then it jumps to 398,397,396 etc until you get to 39 then back to 389,387,etc until you hit 37 and so forth.

Sorting by Date, From and Priority Seem to work.

Assigned To: Does not work No matter which way you way you sort, Up or Down They do not seem to be in Name/alpha order


  • There are a couple github issues for sorts on various pages.  you might want to look them over and see and if of them suit your report and comment on it, or start a new one,
  • Where do I find these? I am unfamiliar with github
  • I did just some searching on github and only returned some one wanting a feature added. Nothing that the sort is not working.

    is this something on the road map to be fixed. Seems like an issue not an enhancement
  • The last one is close but not quite the same issue and ours is 1.9.1 not 1.8.

    Issue #870 was that it was sorting by surname even though the display is First,Last. 

    My issue is that sort does not work period . It seems to randomly display user names by neither first or last name. 

  • Just making another post here. is this something that is on the roadmap to be fixed. I can't see how it's just us having this issue.

    It looks like the sorting is using the database ID number instead of the data itself. 
  • If there is no github issue, its definitely not on the road map to being fixed.
  • edited June 2014
    I can't replicate that issue. Sorting by Ticket number is working fine for me. I upgraded today to v1.9.2 though

  • Here is the numbers.  You can see it goes 337,338,34, then back to 342 etc. It's counting the 2 digit in the wrong place. I'm assuming after several hundred tickets maybe the issue will resolve it self as long as its 3 digit + but at the start it does not sort correctly.


    The big concern is sorting by Assigned to Name. I have it sorted Top down and you Can see it goes from K to L to S then Back to A then to E and P. Same if you were looking at the last name. It does not sort in proper order


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