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Mailfetch not creating ticket after upgrading from 1.6 > 1.9.1

I've been an avid osTicket user for years, but this latest issue I've never seen before. After upgrading from 1.6 > 1.9.1 I can see that the mailfetch cron job is working because it is moving the email out of my Office365 inbox to my designated subfolder, but when I go into osTicket no ticket is being created. I can also see the system log and there are no mailfetch errors.

I performed the upgrade by first going to 1.7.8 > 1.8.3 > 1.9.1 based on a blog article I found.


  • I feel like an idiot. The tickets were created. I just couldn't see them because the account I was using was set for a department instead of admins.Admins can see all tickets.
  • :)  Hey at least you figured it out before someone else did.

    I'll go ahead and close this thread, but please feel free to start a new one if you have another question.
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