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Failed to connect to mailserver

I was performing some tests to see how OSTicket was sending out email for tickets and came across this error:

What I did was had a mock user open a ticket, and it was created. I logged in as administrator and was able to view the ticket as open. When I attempted to check the status of the ticket using the mock user and the ticket number, the error came up.

Before I installed OSTicket, all of the requirements were met. Not all of the recommended requirements were met, but I cannot remember what they were unfortunately. Let me know if I need to provide more information.

Apache: 2.4.4
PHP Version: 5.4.16
MySQL: 5.6.12


  • What version of osTicket are you running?
    What "error came up"?
  • I attached a picture of the error. The version of OSTicket is the latest release, v1.9.1.

  • And so after reading the error you immediately went to your php.ini and verified your SMTP and port?
  • The port says 25 and the SMTP says localhost.
  • Is that a yes or a no that you checked your mail settings in your php.ini file?
  • I got the information from the php.ini file. Was there something else I was supposed to get?
  • So your webserver is also your email server?
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