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[resolved] tickets missing when closed


When i create a ticket and close it will go missing and not into closed tickets please help ?


  • check your accounts permissions.  assigned tickets become unassigned when they are closed, so if your account does not have permissions to the department of the ticket... Poof.
  • hi,

    where do i check this only started happening recently ? :(
  • i have checked account permission in ostciket and admin user has limited access unticked any other ideas ?
  • Admin Panel -> Staff
    There are the groups to manage permission groups, the departments and staff members.

    Just look into it and test by creating new permission group with all rights and assign that to a (test) user and a (test) department to find the permission fail ;)

    Sorry for not being so detailed in my answer, but my phone I am currently typing on is down to 2% battery and will shut down in the next few minutes :D
  • @btssn navigate to Admin panel -> Staff tab -> Staff Members -> your account.  See your Assigned Group and Primary Department as well as Assigned Teams.  Now go to Admin panel -> Staff tab -> Groups.    Does your account have access to all of the departments?

    @chefkeks now thats dedication... even I try not to post from my cell phone. ;)
  • thanks have tried that no success i can see old tickets in closed tickets ,

    Weird logged in today and all is back to normal puzzle.
  • the only difference i did was restart pc so maybe that made a difference all working fine please close :)
  • Thanks Chefkeks and ntozier
    for your support and help :)
  • You're very welcome. It could have been your browser cache I guess. :)  I'll go ahead and mark this as resolved and close the thread.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you have another comment, question, concern, query, wonder. :)
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