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Initial admin un and pw?

I just installed v1.9.1 at an option on a MediaTemple account. The login panel requires a username and password to login, but I never entered one. The default username displayed is "Webmaster". But the system password does not work. When the Password Reset utility is activated, it generates a blank email. So I am stuck. Can someone at OSTicket assist? 


  • If you did the installation yourself (FTPed the files up, created the database, and created the username/password), then you did enter a username and password for the admin account. 

    If you used some third party installer then I have no idea what they might have set it to.  You would want to contact the installer company to ask them what it is.

    You could try forwarding the "blank" email to another email address and see if its just your client not displaying it properly.

    You can try to follow this:
    Although I have not tried it on the current versions (1.9.x) so ...

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