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Help Topic form missing when tickets are created via email

When a ticket is created via email, the form options for that Help Topic seem to be missing when editing the ticket. When a ticket is manually created and the Help Topic is chosen, then the form displays normally. Is there a work around for this behavior?

OST 1.9.1


  • Not at this time.
  • Not at this time.
    Are you sure on that one or did I get that question wrong?

    Isn't it possible to change the help topic and also add/attach a form and reply to the user to fill out the form and that should not be depending on the fact whether the request was started from the web interface or thru an email. Can't look at it right now / test it since I am typing from my phone again :D
  • My understanding is that when an email is received that since it has no way of knowing the help topic... it doesn't put one into effect.  My live system isn't running 1.9.1 so I can't comment on if there is a way to fill in the form afterwards... but I'm not aware of one atm.
  • Starting with v1.9.2, osTicket now supports setting a default help topic at the email level. You can also use ticket filters to set a help topic based on matching criteria of choice (e.g subject or keywords) on incoming emails.

  • Yes, we are using filters to set the help topic based on email sender.

    We use forms for the opening person to answer some basic questions like what building their issue is in and set the priority. We have a field on the forms marked for internal use only, for more specific issue tracking. We would like to be able to set this field for tickets that are generated via web (which works now) as well as for tickets generated via email (not working) We did find this: GitHub #721 which recognizes this issue also. Does anyone know if 1.9.2 addresses this, or if it is on the radar of the Developers?

    Thanks for the replies!
  • You just replied to Peter who is the lead dev.

    Jared's reply from April 2nd: "#733 will definitely address the issue. Extra forms are now manually addable by staff members. Also, #748 should do what you want by allowing admins to associate a help topic with the email address. Therefore, all email will be tagged with the configured help topic and will have the extra forms (albeit emptY) attached."

    sounds like it to me.
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