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Resolution before closing

Hello, OSTicket is a great tool that I have been using since 1.6 and with every version it continues to get more and more awesome! I have one suggestion that would be great to see in a future release - be able to choose a resolution (eg. user error, works per requirement, software bug) when you go to close a ticket (which ultimately could be enforced or optional from the admin panel). I would envision that when you go to close a ticket - a drop-down of possible resolutions are presented. I would envision that new resolutions could be entered on the managed tab of the admin panel very similar to help topics (enter a resolution and an associated description for that resolution) This would help report on what type of issues staff is spending the most time on in any given help topic (resolutions are essentially a more granular layer then help topics which you really don't have a good handle of until you solve the issue). Thank you for your consideration!
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