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[resolved] Tables Custom Forms

edited June 2014 in General Discussions

I am not finding in the tables the custom form and the key that link with the Ticket number. I need to do an export according one custom list.

Please someone can help me ?


  • Sorry bu tI am at training this week and cannot take a look at my database atm... but If memory serves me correctly you also want to look at ost_ticket.  Get the internal ticket id # (ticket_id) and use that to look up the object_id in ost_form_entry and then you can use that to get the data from ost_form_entry_values.  

    I haven't actually looked at this in a while though... 
  • ok Thanks...

    Works better than Perfect.
    I appreciatte your help.

    Thanks a lot man..
  • Very welcome! (I'm also glad that my memory still corresponds with reality and could point you in the right direction hehe).  I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved.  Please feel free to start a new one if you have another question.
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