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Ticket Submitter Not Receiving Auto Response

This is strange.  I have the latest version of OSTicket, 1.9.2

People can open a ticket via my website, /support and receive the normal autoresponse.  BUT if they email the ticket, they don't receive anything. The ticket is open and I receive notification, but the person who sends receives nothing. I have tried from various accounts and have confirmed the issue.

My settings haven't changed.  But suddenly this functionality is broken.

Please advise.


  • Hello roosites,

    I just tested it with the same version of osTicket v1.9.2.
    I opened a request by sending an email to my osTicket system from an external mailbox account, and I well received the alerts of new Ticket on my staff mailbox and the alert of "New ticket opening" on the external mailbox.
  • have u checked the spam folder?
  • I have checked the spam folder.  As a matter of fact, I just had a client open a ticket.  I didn't receive the ticket open email, nor did they receive the email.

    The ticket is open and if I close it they receive. But the only thing is when they send the initial email to the box.

  • I have the same issue. I use osTicket (v1.9.2).

    The error happens when email is validated.
    function validateRequestStructure($data, $structure, $prefix="", $strict=true) {
    $structure[$search] - shows error in recipients field.

  • I'm not seeing any actual error messages (PHP, webserver, etc) being posted, and I am not able to replicate the issue that you are reporting.
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