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v1.9.2 cannot save plugin settings - LDAP Authentication & Lookup

Good Day.

I just upgraded my OSTicket install from v1.7.x to v1.9.2 The upgrade went smoothly. Afterwards, I installed the Core-Plugins package from:

I was able to successfully add the LDAP Authentication & Lookup plugin to my OSTicket Install. I then tried configuring the LDAP Authentication & Lookup settings. When I click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page I'm taken to a blank page with the same URL (using Chrome or Firefox). If I use IE I receive an HTTP 500 - Internal Server error. 

Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Is there is error in the current version of LDAP Plugin?
LDAP Authentication is critical to my setup. I did test some of the other Core-Plugins that were installed; such as HTTP Pass Through. I am able to make & save changes to other plugins. Only LDAP Authentication & Lookup seems to have this problem. 

My OSTicket installation is running on IIS 7.5 with PHP v5.3

Thanks in advance for any assistance you are able to provide!


  • If I remember correctly this was an issue of an old version, so better try the plugin from with the current version 0.5

  • I tried that first and it completely crashed my install (had to restore nightly backup). I may have performed the install steps wrongs as I was confused about "make.php"
    Here's is what I did:
    1. Download auth-ldap.phar from
    2. Using an FTP client I uploaded auth-ldap.phar to \include\plugins
    3. Logged into SCP and added the plugin from Admin Panel: Manage --> Plugins. I clicked "Add New Plugin" and clicked "Install" on "auth-ldap v.5". I was redirected to a blank page.
    4. Afterwards, I never could get back into OSTicket. Restored previous nightly backup.

    Many Thanks!
  • Good Day. I'm still struggling with this issue. 
    I attempted to install the plugin from . After installing the plugin the page states the Plugin was installed successfully. However, the plugin isn't listed in the box below. Once I click away from the page or refresh I'm unable to load any OSTicket pages. My only option has been to restore the previous working site & DB backup. 

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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