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MOD Needed: Mass Delete Function

Hello all My company runs OST v 1.7 for QA and Tech support requests and I've searched all around for a mod to mass delete tickets because our current ticket count is over 31k and deleting 50 at a time is not cost effective so if anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction I would be greatly appreciative. I was also looking at how to change the results displayed per page from 50 and the only thing I could find about this a modification to \include\staff\ which doesn't appear to exist in my version is their any way around this?


  • edited October 2014
    Need this for new version 1.9.4
  • There is currently no way to do this via the ui.
    For removing tickets you would need manually run SQL queries against your server.
    For changing the 50 limit you would have to edit the source yourself.
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