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System logs displays user passwords


We're on v1.9.2

Logged into SCP -> Admin Panel -> System Logs

When looking through logs, for example, "Excessive login attempts (user)" Log Type: Error

We're currently able to view user passwords in plain text. Is there a setting to disable their passwords from being visible in the System Logs or at least a way to encrypt them? We don't want Admins (or anyone) being able to see any user passwords.



  • There was a similar issue I reported some time ago to the devs and if I remember right it was fixed in 1.9.0 or 1.9.1. But maybe it was only half fixed?!

    @ntozier can you point this thread out to the devs so that they can revisit this security issue/confirm it was fully fixed? Thanks.
  • Done.

    Although I just tested this and I'm not able to replicate the report.
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