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Block email sender IP

Is it possible to block an email sender by IP? A user can do something like the following and can flood the ticketing system:

for ($x=0;$x<10000;$x++) mail('',rand(100000000000,99999999999999999),rand(10000000,9999999999999),"From: user".rand(10000,99999999)."@domain".rand(10000,99999999999).'.com');


  • I do not believe that there is a way to block at the IP level in the ui anymore.  You could setup a ticket filter though so that *@domain*.com is rejected.

    osTicket used to have a IP blocking section, but it was pretty much just a flat list and was not very speedy or good.  Most mail servers however only permit connections (delivery) for mail from trusted sources these days so its generally expected that you will secure your mail server (or utilize your fire wall) rather then try to implement this as an application level.
  • That is okay if there's a pattern but what if it's truly random? Is it possible to block this from within the code? Could you point me to the correct file where IP blocking can be done?

    Thank you.
  • Maybe /include/class.mailfetch.php?
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