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email link has carriage return

Whenever one of our users gets an email from the system, the link being sent has a carriage return in it, preventing them from clicking on it to get to their ticket.  This has been present for a few versions of OSTicket.

Here is an example (not sure how this will format when I send in).  The last "3D" is not on the same line as the rest.

If you wish to respond or add additional information to this ticket, please click on the
link below:

Mail is being sent through office365 and here are some more details.

osTicket Versionv1.9.2 (4827655)
Server SoftwareMicrosoft-IIS/8.5
PHP Version5.5.13
MySQL Version5.1.73


  • I would recommend opening a thread on github about this.

    I'm curious though if you have ruled out Microsoft365 as the culprit though.  I ask because we use in house Exchange 2007 with Office 2010 and 13 and do not have this problem.
  • edited July 2014
    Good afternoon. I have the same problem, which can be checked on the link
    how to resolve this error?

    Obs.: Sorry for the bad english, because I'm Brazilian and do not dominate the language.
  • server configuration Information Server
    osTicket English Versionv1.9.2 (4827655)
    Software de ServidorApache
    Versão fazer PHP5.4.29
    MySQL version5.5.33
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