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Alerts & Notices: Recipients won't save

IIS 7.5
Microsoft Server 2008 R2
PHP 5.4.14
MySQL 5.5.15

Admin Panel --> Staff --> "Department Name" --> Under Alerts and Notices:

Currently selected is: Department and Group Members

I change to "Department Members Only"

Click on "Save Changes" & receive message "Department updated successfully"

However, the text in the drop-down box immediately returns to "Department and Group Members"

I'm trying to prevent a user from getting spammed, (oddly enough, hes not in the same department, nor same group) but is still getting messages when the (Support) group (He's in the Administration group), receives new tickets. 

Anyone have any ideas?


  • What version of osTicket?  This works fine in 1.9.2 for me.

    Also check Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices
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