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New Ticket -> Missing or invalid data - check the errors and try again

Hi there,
I have the problem that I can not create tickets. It makes no difference if I want to create one in the backend or in the frontend.

Please help.




  • Try changing the phone number to 1234567890, and see if it lets you submit.
  • Beside the german / english language mix on your screenshot, I wonder where the "Issue Details" (Problembeschreibung) are?!

    Phone could be an issue, but if I remember correctly, it has to be mimimum 7 chars long without any special format.

    Can only see the Issue Summary (Problemzusammenfassung) on your screenshot.

  • Okay,

    it looks like a problem with the german languagepack, if i install in nativ english without languagepack, all is fine :(
  • The language packs are not ready for production use, so its likely that you will have problems with them.
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