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Collaborator Link sending collaborator to a previous ticket

Hi everyone,

I am rather new to OS and have been working on the configuration from the admin panel.  I did not do the original install and set up (just the functionality configuration) as I am not the system admin. Everything is working fantastically except for the collaborator feature.  We have several department heads that still use their individual email accounts and would like to keep doing so.  There is one person who gets added as a collaborator regularly on emails. The problem is every time she receives a new email with a new ticket number that she has been added too the link for the new ticket actually takes her back to the first email thread she was assigned to collaborate on.  Do we have to find the tickets she has been assigned to and remove her as a collaborator to get any of the new links to work for her or perhaps there is something in the original set up that would need to be changed to allow her to collaborate on more than one ticket?

I could not find any other threads where this exact issue was reported so I suspect it may be a feature in set up that we need to alter.


  • I forgot to mention we are using version 1.9.1

  • The collaborator is not a staff member right?  The Collaborator features are not intended to be used with staff accounts, that feature is coming later.
  • They are staff members in the sense that they would be included on our company directory look up but the users do not have staff accounts built into OS.  I assume that this is directly related to the LDAP.  I will keep my eyes peeled for the staff collaborator feature.  Thank you!
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