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Send the Alerts mail to the client user take to long (about 30minutes)


I'm using OSticket version 1.9.1. We got the big problem about sending email. When my user send the email to our support email, it auto create the ticket by window schedule task and reply for user that ticket is created. when we check the mail server it's have been send to the user, but after 30 minutes the user see the email.  When we reply in the OSticket on post reply, it's also take 30 minutes.

Another things, that is Email Fetch Frequency we set 1 minute and window schedule we also set 1 minute. but it also to more than 2 minutes to auto create the tick.


  • IF you've setup SMTP the email is being delivered to the mail server almost instantly.  After its been delivered to the mail server there isn't anything that we can do to speed it up..
  • thanks.. we fixed..
  • What ended up being your problem?  You might want to post it and the solution here in case someone else runs into the same problem.
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