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Help with initial setup

Can some one please help me with initial setup please.

I'm struggling to find out what I need to do.

I'm using latest 1.9.2 version.

i want to send emails on a new ticket to

1. the member who opened the ticket. (currently not working)

2. all of the support members. (Now only Default System Email is getting the alert msg. No one else.

On new reply, the stuff who last responded should get email and if stuff replies, the member who created the ticket should get notification.

I'm struggling to get this sorted out.

Can anyone please help?


  • Presuming that you have properly configured mail you can turn notifications on and off at:
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Autoresponder
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Notices.
  • edited July 2014

    Thank you for your response.

    I've marked all of the boxes in there.

    I'm using PHP mail function.

    how to configure email properly? I mean I've admin email, system email, and staff emails set.

    I can't find any guide or tutorial for how to do basic setups.

    Would you please like to have a look on the setup?

  • Just quoting myself again... :D
    Did you create the cron job or do you use email piping?
    Anyway, check out the wiki about email:
    Btw: Do you see any errors in your logs?
    And some additional info: You can configure Imap/Pop and SMTP for every email address under Admin Panel -> Email -> Emails ;)
  • thanks for your reply.

    If I understood correctly, those settings are for if i want to create ticket via email.

    that's not necessary now. creating tickets via web interface is fine.

    But when a user creates a email he is not getting any link to access the ticket in his inbox.

  • Then, in case PHP mail function seems not working correctly, I would only set up SMTP and not IMAP/POP so that mails can be send properly but no tickets get created by mail. Don't know if that is working, but if you need to specify IMAP/POP too, you could just disable email fetching or create a ticket filter to reject all tickets by email. Anyway, there should be a solution for this ;)
  • I guess phpmail is working, because system default email address is getting alert msg. but no one else is getting that.
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