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Active Directory authentication

Looking into setting up Active Directory authentication for osTicket, here is our environment:

Windows Server 2008R2
PHP 5.5.11
MySQL 5.6
osTicket 1.9.2

Are there any good guides for setting this up? Found this but it's for an older version and a different webserver.






  • Just search the forum for IIS and Ldap auth plugin, somewhere was a little manual/how-to if I remember correctly. Unfortunately your not using apache, so I can't point you out to my apache ldap/single sign on guide ;)
  • edited July 2014
    +1 for @ntozier's response, that was one of the threads I was talking about :)
  • So I now have the LDAP plugin added to our osticket. When I try and configure it by going into "Manage > Plugins >  LDAP Authentication and Lookup" and add our domain name into Default Domain fileld then save the page I get an error 500...


    Any ideas?

  • You should consult your servers logs and get the actual error of whats happening.  I would recommend checking both your IIS error logs (and or event viewer) and your PHP error logs.
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