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Reply to a customer

I i write a response to a customer using the webportal, (a few lines with a carriage return) The email  the customer gets is showed one sentence After another showing no returns in the text.  I have to write in HTML code to get the carriage returns in the text.

Is it possible to make the reply (response) text field be a rich text editor ??


  • If you enable HTML ticket threads it is a rich text editor.
  • @ntozier : thanks for your reply

    its allready set to :  "Enable rich text in ticket thread and autoresponse emails."
    Is this the right setting ?
  • Yes.  Then you are using the rich text/html editor.
  • So .. that is not working . When i reply on a ticket using the web portal, all sentenses are on after another not showing returns
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    Just installed OS Ticket (newest version) on my own domain .... confirmed that rich text is enabled .
    Created a test ticket en in the ticket 1 added a response with some returns in it.

    In the mail all retuns are dissapeared and also in the ticket itself the returns in my response are gone

  • The editor (to give a response on a ticket) is not rich text.
    It's just a notepad parsing HTML code...
    rich text is for example the text field where i type this message in .. with a proper toolbar and so on.
  • @ntozier : It would be nice to make the response field a rich text editor so my staff don't have to type HTML code in order to type a readable message to a customer.
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    Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Enable HTML Ticket Thread

    when you open a ticket the text box should look like this:

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    This is very strange .. Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Enable HTML Ticket Thread  is set to on.
    however ,, i do not see the rich text like the screenshot you posted.

    I reinstalled OSTicket .. removed the setting, then setitng it again ... but no rich text on creating a new ticket of porsting a response.

    Im currently running the latest version of OS Ticket
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    just posted this bug on github
  • edited July 2014
    let me try to post a screenshot
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