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[resolved] LDAP plugin

Can't see any threads open for similar issue - apologies if I've missed one.

I've followed the instructions from another thread for setting up LDAP authentication.
Downloaded, installed and enabled the plugin. Filled in all the details as directed, but then when I click Save the page doesn't save or go anywhere.  I get a blank web page, which does nothing when being refreshed.  Have to use the back buttons, or go back to the admin console.  Settings do not get saved.

Any ideas at all?


  • If you are getting a blank page it means that there is an error.  Please consult your php error logs, or turn on error displaying.

    How do I turn on Error displaying in osTicket?

  • Thanks, turned error reporting on...Now see this message, but I'm not much of a website/codey person I'm afraid.  Can you shed some light please?

    Warning: require_once(include/Net/LDAP2.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in C:\Users\
    GRAEME\Desktop\OSTicket\osTicket-v1.9.1\upload\include\plugins\auth-ldap\config.php on line 119 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'include/Net/LDAP2.php' (include_path='./;C:/Users/GRAEME/Desktop/OSTicket/osTicket-v1.9.1/upload/include/;C:/Users/GRAEME/Desktop/OSTicket/osTicket-v1.9.1/upload/include/pear/;C:\Users\GRAEME\Desktop\OSTicket\osTicket-v1.9.1\upload\include\plugins\auth-ldap/include') in C:\Users\GRAEME\Desktop\OSTicket\osTicket-v1.9.1\upload\include\plugins\auth-ldap\config.php on line 119
  • How did you download the plugin?  The error says No such File.

    Actually if you search for that error I seem to recall there being an answer to this already on the forums,
  • Hi ntozier.  Thanks for your help....I think I have it working now.  
    'include/Net/LDAP2.php' was missing, so had to get this from github again, and the ldap ext on the webserver wasn't enabled
    Will post a new thread if I need any more help.
    Cheers, Graeme.
  • Yeah for some reason users were missing the Net/LDAP2.php and I think that we narrowed it down to users who installed from git and neglected to run the hydrate command. :)

    Marking this as resolved and closing it.  Thanks for letting us know what your solution was!
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