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Where can I change error messages-Open ticket(open.php)


I´m translating the end-user interface but I didn´t find where I can change some error messages when I´m opening a new ticket.
You could see the image, on the link below

I need to translate them(all the words that are highlighted in color green) to Spanish.

I opened open.php file but I didn´t find them.

Hope someone could help me please.

Thanks very much.
Nice day!!  :)


  • Images are too small to read. I'd recommend using the search feature.
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    Sorry, I didn´t see that I could upload an image. I hope now you can see :)   Thanks.

  • "is a required field" is located in: \include\class.forms.php on line 234

    "Missing or invalid data" is located in several places:
    \include\class.thread.php on lines 1125, 1194, 1244
    \include\class.ticket.php on lines 1990, 2339
    \scp\tickets.php on line 193

    All of these I found with Search.
  • Beside that, if you want to help translating osTicket, I suggest to looking at and

    There is osTicket translation currently in progress for a lot of languages (German, English UK, Spanish, French, etc.) and iirc and read the announcement correctly, it is planned to release a multi-language version of osTicket in the next time...
  • Hello ntozier,

    Sorry for the delay to give you thank you :)  also to Chefkeks.
    I was offline so I couldn´t reply you.

    Thank you for your help have an excellent 2015. 

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