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LDAP Authentication v1.7.0 - DOMAIN MIGRATION


Before the company where I'm working, their domain migration took place, Osticket was working without login issue. (LDAP Authentication).
After the domain migration and after making the necessary changes in LDAP connection, users are unable to login.
They get the error message; "invalid login".

When testing the LDAP connection in Osticket (see attached screenshot), it seems to show the requesting AD attributes (concluding that connection succeeds). 

So, how come that users are still unable to login?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


  • edited July 2014
    osTicket 1.7 did not have LDAP authentication, which means that you are using a mod to achieve it.  We do not support 3rd party modifications.  Please consult the mod author.  The thread that you are looking for is:

    It's probably the server name or the OU you're using, or the LDAP/AD server isn't configured to allow requests from your webserver.

    Also The latest version of osTicket has the LDAP/AD plugin so you could just upgrade.
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