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Email response to is not being sent


I am sure I am simply missing something but when I respond to an ticket via the OSTICKET the person is not getting the email response. I had the check their spam folder and its not there. Any advice?



  • edited July 2014
    version of osTicket?
    Admin panel -> Settings -> Autoresponder -> New Message enabled?
    Have you test it with multiple accounts?
    How do you have email configured? [phpmail or smtp]
    Have you tried switching to the other?

    You should probably read and follow: Please read before requesting assistance.
  • I cannot find how to switch to smtp there's no pull down for it. It simply shows the image below. Let me know if I goofed on anything. Thanks in advance

    Outgoing Emails: Default email only applies to outgoing emails without SMTP setting.
    Default MTA:                     None: Use PHP mail function                                         
  • Admin panel -> Emails -> your email -> Sending Email via SMTP
  • Ok I set it to SMTP and I tested it using test email using Diagnostic. So far no one seems to get an email.

    On a side note I do get emails but they show up in my spam folder when I test it using alternative emails

    Anyway to stop that.

    ON a side note amazing product!!

  • One more I check the logs and see this error whenever I sent it. I have changed the domain for the protection of the site

    Unable to email via [] Failed to set [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 550, response: Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821]

    Any advice

  • Your email server is not allowing to send mail through it.  Sounds like a use account permission issue on the mail server... or perhaps the mail server doesn't want the mail server to talk to it.  Either way this sounds like a configuration issue on the mail server side to me.
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