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osTicket workflow question

I am looking to configure a system for our service desk.  I looked at redmine, JIRA, SIT, RT; so far osTicket looks most promising in terms of flexibility, features, ease of use, easy to maintain.  But I am still struggling to configure proper workflow.

attached is a workflow diagram I am trying to achieve.  Is it possible to configure osTicket to achieve it?

Some definitions:

  • Something is broken or about to break.
  • Repair as quickly as possible.
  • Open incidents are measured against SLAs.
  • Highest Priority

  • Underlying “root-cause.”
  • Remains open until underlying issue is resolved.
  • Open Problems are not measured against SLAs.
  • Creates “work-arounds.”

  • Routine pleas for help – but nothing is broken. 
  • These include items like “can you tell me Joe Blow’s phone number”, “can you unlock my account”, and “will you reset my password.”



  • I don't see any problems based on your diagram.

    You can actually do some work flow shaping by letting users pick a help topic. (password reset, web page issue, etc) which could automatically assign the ticket to a certain department, or set your SLA for that ticket, etc.
  • I don't see a problem archiving it either, beside the things that @ntozier already mentioned, it is also possible to e.g. send auto-replies to kb article to the user or "ask" the user for additional info using forms when he/she creates the ticket.
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