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Runing in Internet Explorer HTML Application mode (.hta)

I am trying to run osTicket 1.9.2 in Internet Explorer 10.0.9 on Windows 7
using HTML application mode, and keep getting the popup  script errors as in the attached screen shot: osTicket_MS_IE_HTA_Error1.JPG
I run osticket in HTA mode using the attached .hta script "Transmit Help Desk Support Login.hta


  • file upload failed, (file tyep not allowed?)

    This is the JScript script error: from IE in hta mode:
    Line: 322
    Char: 5
    Error: Unspecified error.
    Code: 0

    The hta mode is run via this local "Transmit Help Desk Support.hta" file...
    <title>Transmit Help Desk Support</title>

    <HTA:APPLICATION ID="Transmit_Help_Desk" 
        APPLICATIONNAME="Transmit Help Desk" 

    <script language='JScript'>
    //** *
    //** Copyright (C) 2014 Trans-Mit Pty. Ltd. Melbourne Australia *
    //** This software may not be loaned, resold, changed or copied *
    //** in any way without the express written permission of author *
    //** and Trans-Mit Pty. Ltd., Australia. *
    //** *
    //** $Header: /usr/local/lib/cake/RCS/rcshead,v 1.6 2011/01/24 01:16:29 root Exp $
    //** $Author: root $
    //** $Date: 2005/01/24 01:16:29 $
    //** $Locker:  $

    function goapp()
    <body onload='setTimeout("goapp()", 2000, "JavaScript")'
          bgcolor='#000044' text="#DDDDDD">
    <font face='Arial' size='4'>
    Welcome to the Transmit Help Desk support staff login
    <IMG SRC='file://mon21/downloads/Transmit_Logo.jpg'>
    Please stand by...

  • line 32 of jquery.pjax.js is
    >     window.history.replaceState(pjax.state, document.title)
    any know why this would not work in IE .hta mode?
  • Sorry I have never used MS HTA, but I imagine that your having issues because the project was never designed to be used with it.
  • Not designed for IE, or not designed for IE in application mode?
  • osTicket is an open source PHP based software intended to be run under a webserver which runs PHP utilizing MySQL for the DB backend.  It is designed to be web browser and web server agnostic as much as possible.  So the answer to your question(s) is Yes.  It was never designed specifically for IE nor for use with Microsoft HTA.
  • Up until now, I have been using google Chrome, and all is ok.
    So I tried IE in standard mode, an it also seems to work.
    The problem must be some compatibility issue with the HTA mode of IE.
    I was under the impression, that HTA mode was essentially the same, except its window is
    is more like an applicattoion, separte from other IE windows , and securiuty level is set to that of Local intranet,
    but there must be other differences.
    My objecteive here was to set apart the  osTiocket login, from the other Browser windows, and have it run more  like an installed application.
  • Looks like IE 10 HTA modem  doesn't support window.history  and other  HTML5 extensions 
    Thanks for the help
    I'll go back to Chrome I think
  • Found the below about IE HTA compatibility... about ..
    I added
    <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=9"
    t but stil get the errors

    changed  9 -> 10 then it pops a standard IE window HTA obvoisly does not support IE10
    Would any one knowis but still had the error what versions of IE are supported by osTicket?



    By default, HTAs display webpages in Compatibility View, which displays standards-mode content in IE7 Standards mode and quirks mode content in IE5 (Quirks) mode. To utilize features available to current versions of Internet Explorer, use the meta element to define an X-UA-Compatible header for your HTA, as shown in the following code sample.

      <title>SVG-Enabled HTML Application</title>
      <meta http-equiv="x-ua-compatible" content="ie=9">
  • It does seem to be working ok in the HTA  ie=10 compatible popup window
  • I have found the IE Kiosk mode works better
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