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Few features

i just started play with osticket system and i found few missing features:
1. How i upload  another lang to system? :)
2. When i have 2 task i cant merge them - ex. user wrote 2 mails in one case.
3. When user replay for task email go to comment in the old ticket but i cant make new from this mail - like unmerge.


  • 1. you cannot do so at this time.  The only official language currently is English.  The translation feature is still being worked on, but I hear phase 2 will be completed for the next release.

    2. simply close or delete one?  If you're really concerned about maintaining history copy the contents of one into the other.  While there may be a merge feature eventually its not going to be soon.

    3. That would be more of an addon to the merge feature which once again will not be anytime soon
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