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New Ticket displays blank popup

I've been able to install and setup v1.9.2 with minimal issues, but this one has stumped me.  I'm logged in as admin and use the link to view the Staff Panel.  When I click the link to "Create New Ticket" I get a blank, 1 line popup and the rest of the ticket is greyed out behind the popup.  The main issue is that it's not giving me any form of error message, so I have no idea where to start to try to fix this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm running the following:

osTicket Versionv1.9.2 (4827655)
Server SoftwareApache
PHP Version5.3.24
MySQL Version5.5.37


  • The blank pop up is a result of a failed AJAX request.  This is usually caused by the server not answering the request.  There have been a number of threads about this here on the forums and I would recommend that you try search.

    You can also check that you have:
    cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1
    in your php.ini.

    You can also make sure that SELinux is disabled if you run it. Are you running any mods_ in Apache?
  • Thanks for your quick response.  I've been searching for a while now and couldn't find anything related to a blank popup.  Is there any tips you'd suggest for successful searches?  I haven't been able to find answers to many of the issues I've run into as of yet.  I'm using search terms that seem appropriate, and many subsequent variations, but not a lot of success so far.  Any suggestions you have for searching would be greatly appreciated.

    I'll double check the above, but we're not running any mods that I'm aware of.  Thanks again for your help.  I appreciate it!
  • Thanks.  I'll take a look.
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