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New Installation trouble - SQL actively refused - can't install!

I am trying to setup this system for the first time in a corporate network.  I consider myself pretty savy but this has got me pulling the little hairs out of my head.
Here is what I did...hopefully someone can enlighten me to what is going on.

Installed Windows 7 x64 and updated
Add/Remove Features to add IIS, checking most everything including CGI
Installed the recommended stuff, SQLExpress 2014, php 5.3, php tools
Created a database in SQL management studio called helpdesk
Dropped the contents of the Upload folder into a folder under wwwroot called Helpdesk
Deleted web.config file in helpdesk folder as it was preventing the install.php from loading for some reason??
Went to http://localhost/helpdesk/setup/install.php
All stuff is checked and green
When I get to the database settings it bombs out with error:
Database connection information Unable to connect to MySQL server. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it

Here is what I did to try and resolve:
I disabled Windows Firewall
I made sure SQL services were running
I use SQLCMD to test the login to the sql instance which worked fine using my sa credentials plus I can login through management studio just fine

My screen has this for details:
Prefix - ost_
Hostname - localhost
Database - SQLEXPRESS (I tried sqlexpress and sqlexpress\helpdesk)
Username - sa
Password - ********

Please anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!


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