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Removing Help Topics - Relocation Tickets

We are in the process of upgrading to 1.9 and we have had a number of requests to cut down on the number of Help Topics or reorganize them to make it simpler to decide which topic to choose. We will consolidate them when we roll out. But we do not want to lose those tickets. Will they self assign to a default? 

We currently have a: 
Computer Support 
Computer Support / Calendar Request. 
Computer Support / Password Change

How can we move tickets from (for example) Computer Support / Password Change to just Computer Support or to a new topic just called Password Change? Would this be a move them one by one? What happens if we delete the Help Topic Computer Support / Password Change? Do those tickets move somewhere or will they be deleted?  Thanks!


  • Q: Will they self assign to a default?

    A: No.  Tickets that already exist will not re-assign themselves to a default Help Topic if you remove an existing one.  However, you can always just mark the old Help Topic as "Disabled".  This should let you limit the number of the Help Topics moving forward (by having historical ones that are no longer usable). 

    If you want to move them to another Help Topic all together (there is no way to massively do this in the ui currently, but you can do it one ticket at a time see after the example below) but you could write some MySQL queries to update them for you.

    If you look at ost_help_topic
    You might  see that Computer Support is topic_id 1, and Computer Support / Password Change is topic_id 9.
    [note you will need to check your own table to determine right numbers!!!]
    Then you could write a mysql query like:

    UPDATE ost_ticket SET dept_id='9' WHERE dept_id='1';

    Which should have the result of changing every ticket that has a "Computer Support / Password Change" (#9) to "Computer Support" (#1). 

    End Example.

    You can do that for each change that you want to make.  Alternatively you can edit each ticket, and change its help topic.  Depending on how many tickets you have though the SQL route is probably the way you want to do it.

  • Thanks for the response. I probably will end up creating a SQL query as you suggested. 

    I did a test and deleted a topic that I knew only had a few old tickets under it. When I view the ticket after the delete, next to Help Topic it is just blank, but the ticket does not get deleted, so that is comforting to know.
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